I am really honored and feel very privileged to function as The Principal of SRI UMAPRAGATHI FIRST GRADE COLLEGE.

I personally believe that' EDUCATION IS MAN'S TRUE RELIGION'. It is leading us virtuous living and making a scope of life meaningful.

Our institution is dedicated to serving society through education under management of THE UMAPRAGATHI EDUCATION TRUST.

There is a power of transformation in our whole educational setup as a social service and we are moving gradually towards an egalitarian society providing all to have equal opportunity for education. We have been educating hundreds of students who are from an unprivileged section of society.

We are proud to feel that thousands of students have studied in our institution and they are leading their lives as responsible citizens, as well as working at various sectors of the society attaining their tremendous knowledge and skills as being an asset to our country.

Therefore, understanding the significance of education in life is huge as well as multifold we are providing an appropriate learning atmosphere in our institution with advanced academic curricula under the change of TUMAKUR UNIVERSITY along with our own personal care for enhancement of inter-personality skills of the students by designing our own intra-curricular programmes like workshops, employability skills development sessions, seminars so on. We, as a team along with our esteemed faculty want all our students to achieve their full potential. Our task is to make it possible and our mission is to provide a platform for the same.

I appreciate all for choosing our institution for the better future and I look forward to the same kind of valuable cooperation further more that you have already given to us for the continuation of our service.

Thank you